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we offer the support you need to succeed on the platform


Coaching Support

Embark on a transformative coaching experience with our unparalleled support system tailored for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting athletes. Our coaching services offer private coaching and daily open coaching sessions, providing you with real-time guidance, feedback, and a supportive community to enhance your training journey. Benefit from expertly crafted training plans that are designed to advance you toward your goals, ensuring a strategic and progressive approach to strength and skill development. Our coaches are dedicated to refining your technique, optimizing your programming, and fostering a mindset for success. Join our dynamic training community, where every lift is a step towards greatness.

Meet Prep +
Meet Day Handling

Discover a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize every aspect of your meet preparation and meet day experience as a powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting athlete. Our tailored training programs are crafted to enhance your performance, focusing on strength, technique, and competition-specific details. Benefit from in-house nutrition and physical therapy support to fuel and protect your body effectively. Our support will guide you through the intricacies of weigh-ins, warm-ups, and strategic attempt slection on meet day, empowering you to perform at your peak. Elevate your competitive journey with our expert insights, individualized support, and a recipe for success. 

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In-House Competitions

Experience the thrill of competition in the comfort of your home training facility with Muscle + Mindset's in-house competitions, proudly hosted in collaboration with USA Powerlifting and USA Weightlifting. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of strength and technique as you showcase your prowess in these challenging barbell sports. The benefits are undeniable – from the familiar environment boosting your confidence to the convenience of training on your home turf. Engage in the camaraderie of fellow athletes, all while adhering to the high standards set by our affiliate federations. Elevate your game, set personal records, and enjoy the supportive atmosphere of competing where you train.

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