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Our Programs

Three club programs are available to M+M Method members

Method and Method Plus members can attend our daily open coaching sessions to receive coaching support or complete training sessions independently outside of open coaching sessions

Each program has a minimum of 3 essential training sessions per week with additional training sessions for competitive-track athletes

Our programs are delivered via the TrainHeroic app

Why powerlifting and weightlifting?

At M+M, we advocate for the transformative power of powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, both for sport and longevity. These disciplines offer a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the gym, impacting every aspect of life.
Benefits for Sport

1. Strength and Power

Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting are unparalleled in their ability to build strength and power. Whether you're an athlete competing in a specific sport or simply seeking to enhance your physical capabilities, these modalities can significantly improve your performance.

2. Functional Movement

The movements involved in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting mimic real-life actions, making them highly functional for athletes across various sports. By mastering these movements, you'll enhance your agility, coordination, and overall athleticism.

3. Injury Prevention

Properly executed lifts in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting can strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments, reducing the risk of injury during athletic activities. Additionally, the focus on technique and form promotes biomechanical efficiency, further mitigating the likelihood of injuries.
Benefits for Longevity

1. Muscle Mass Preservation

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, leading to decreased strength and mobility. Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting help preserve muscle mass and bone density, which are crucial for maintaining independence and quality of life as we grow older.
2. Metabolic Health

Regular strength training, such as powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, can improve metabolic health by increasing muscle mass and boosting metabolism. This can help manage weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and enhance overall vitality.

3. Mental Well-being 

Engaging in strength training not only strengthens the body but also benefits the mind. The sense of accomplishment from achieving lifting goals, the release of endorphins during exercise, and the mental focus required for lifting can all contribute to improved mood, reduced stress, and enhanced mental resilience.

At Muscle + Mindset, we're passionate about empowering individuals to embrace the transformative journey of powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, both for their athletic endeavors and their lifelong well-being.
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