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Where are you located?

Muscle + Mindset is located in the Denver Santa Fe Art District at 923 W 9th Ave Denver CO 80204.

Do you really offer 24hr access?

Yes! We are a fob-entry facility so members can train on their own schedule. Note that 24hr access is for members only, not drop-ins.

Do you allow drop-ins?

Yes! Drop-ins are permitted during our daily open coaching hours when staff are on site. Rates are available for open gym drop-ins as well as drop-ins for open coaching support.

When are open coaching hours?

View our open coaching schedule here. 

Do you offer classes?

No, we are not a class-based facility. If you are seeking the guidance of a coach, schedule a free consultation and we can share how we support beginners with tailored coaching!

How do I get started at M+M?

Contact us to request a free coaching consultation!

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