Gym Drop-In
1 single visit
no programming/coaching services provided

Performance Coaching Session
60 minutes

Assess form and technique for mobility restrictions, strength imbalances, neuromuscular communication power, and efficiency in a one-on-one coaching session.

Personal Training Session
60 minutes
Set your goals and reach them with full instructional coaching support throughout a goal-focused training session. Accountability, nutrition guidance, and individualized workout program provided.

Small Group Personal Training Enrollment Series

60 minutes
This 8-week enrollment series includes two weekly training sessions. Group training meets Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7-8am. This small group training option is great for those looking to get a coach-led full-body workout with tailored support and attention throughout each session. Enrollment is for all 8 weeks (16 sessions) and can be renewed for another 8 weeks at the conclusion of each series. 



Remote Coaching Session
60 minutes
Video call for general coaching advice as needed. Live form review, technique feedback, video analysis, programming questions, and/or anything the athlete needs.

Performance Programming
12-Month Individualized Workout Program
2 coach meetings (video call)
initial video form analysis

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