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The Ultimate Meet Day Packing List

No one likes the feeling of anxiety that arises when you think you've forgotten a crucial piece of equipment for meet day. This list serves as a way to ensure you've remembered every item you could possibly need to make your meet experience a success!

Check-In Items

Photo I.D.

Federation Membership Card

Opening Attempts (in kilograms!)

Platform Gear

Singlet / Squat or Deadlift Suit / Bench Shirt

Knee Sleeves or Knee Wraps

Wrist Wraps

Socks (regular / deadlift)

Shirt for under Singlet

Compression Gear (Olympic weightlifting only)

Federation-Approved Underwear

Lifting Shoes (squat shoes, deadlift shoes, etc.)

Lifting Belt(s)

Thumb Tape


Baby Powder (powerlifting only)

First Aid


Neosporin Medical tape

Vet Bond

NSAIDS (ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.)

Topical pain relief lotion


Caffeine of choice

Pre-workout / Recovery formula

Simple Sugars for Quick Energy (Gatorade, fruit juice, Nesquik, lemonade, Tang, gummy candy, etc)

High-Carb / Low-Fiber / Low-Fat Snacks (Pretzels, white bread, rice cakes, etc.)

Meals ("real" food, not just snacks!)



Mobilization Tools

Resistance Band(s)

Hip Circle

Foam Roller

Lacrosse Ball

Massage Gun


Hair Ties / Head Band

Sweatshirt / Sweatpants

Headphones / Music

Tripod / Recording Device

Water Bottle

Smelling Salts


Hand Lotion (for after lifting)

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