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How Much Weight Do I Add?

When you’re first starting out, you will likely be able to add weight quickly! Try not to get too eager too soon – aim to increase by up to 2-5/kgs on each lift in each session for the first 2 weeks. You can start making bigger jumps in week 3 or 4 as your body’s tolerance (or work capacity) improves. You are also less likely to suffer from major soreness by going too heavy too early.

For example, let’s say you performed a back squat set of 5 at 40kgs last week. This week you might go up to 45kgs in the next squat session. This strategy will help prevent you from suffering debilitating soreness and ensure you can recover between sessions.

About Muscle + Mindset

Muscle and Mindset is a barbell gym located in the Sante Fe Art District of Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to share the transformative benefits of strength training with people of all experience levels by cultivating a welcoming community supported by affordable expert coaching. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a strength training novice, you'll find the support you need at Muscle + Mindset.

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