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Do I Need to Deload?

Deload weeks are a regular aspect of training with heavy loads. Your body needs time to restore and recover from the fatigue developed during your heavy lifting phases.

While having a full week dedicated to deloading may not be necessary for all strength athletes, fatigue management should be a major consideration when programming training cycles.

Deload weeks are typically planned in regular intervals of every 4-7 weeks, depending on the lifter's tolerance for cumulative fatigue.

While some may (incorrectly) view a deload week as a week off from training, it's actually very important to keep showing up and putting in the programmed work. Skill reinforcement and work capacity will be better maintained if an athlete follows their typical training schedule rather than skipping an entire week of training for the sake of "rest." Deload phases usually include a decrease in overall volume and load intensity. They are a great opportunity to work on prehab movements to keep athletes healthy and moving well over the long-term.

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