Strength Challenge


Do you offer a membership that only includes open gym visits?

All of our memberships include open gym access during all regular business hours, unlimited classes, and some form of structured workout program and coaching support. It is not required that you take advantage of every included service we offer but we do encourage all members to find balance in their routines with a strength program, cardio conditioning work, and restorative yoga classes.

Do I have to compete if I'm enrolled in one of the Method programs?

Nope! We've designed our programs to be results-driven -- competing in a strength sport would be 100% your own personal decision. Our programs can prepare you for competition or just serve as a balanced and structured routine for building strength and healthy habits.

What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a competitive strength sport that focuses on strengthening three main movements: the barbell back squat, bench press, and deadlift. Enrolling in our powerlifting programs does not automatically mean that you will compete (but you can if you want to!). 

What can I expect during my free coaching session?

Your free intro session is an opportunity to get familiar with your body mechanics, skills, and goals. Your coach will collect data about the way you naturally stand and move to make recommendations for your training routines. 

What if I sign up and realize it's not the right fit for me?

No problem! Our memberships are all month-to-month so a long-term commitment isn't required to try us out. You are welcome to sign up for your intro month and then cancel before your renewal date.  

I'm a little nervous about using weights. Will someone be available to help me if I need supervision?

You bet! This is the biggest concern we hear from potential members and ultimately it's why we opted to have a floor coach available to assist you as needed. If you are a beginner, our Barbell Fundamentals program was designed with your needs in mind.

What is olympic weightlifting?

Olympic weightlifting is a competitive strength sport that focuses on two main movements: the snatch and the clean & jerk. Enrolling in our weightlifting programs does not automatically mean that you will compete (but again, you can if you want to!). 

I'm confused about the programs. Do I have to commit to meeting on specific days and times to complete my program?

Absolutely not! We take great pride in offering a more flexible program structure than any other gym in the Denver metro area. Our floor coaches are available during regular business hours so you can get the coaching support you need on your own schedule.