Lost on what to do each time you come in or "just winging" your workouts? These intentionally-designed programs utilize progressive overload to improve technique and increase strength over time. "12-week to peak" means you will have the opportunity to test your strength gains every 12 weeks with a 1-rep max (1RM) test or a mock meet.


Our template programs are coach-designed workout regimens that dictate exactly what exercises to use, how many reps/sets to perform, how long of a rest interval to take between sets, and when to do each exercise to help you work toward your goals during every visit. All programming stems from research-based exercise science.

Our template programs are delivered electronically via email as .pdf files and are updated weekly. Receive your weekly workout program right to your inbox every Sunday morning. 

*Template programs do not include in-person coaching & are not customized to individual athlete needs


back squat

bench press


4 sessions/week

olympic weightlifting


clean & jerk

5 sessions/week

strength & conditioning

back squat

bench press


strict press

+ more

3 sessions/week

Lifting Weights


Ready to address your mobility issues and areas of weakness? This is the plan for you! Coach AP will design a customized workout plan using your available equipment and tailored to your schedule, goals, and needs.

This is a step beyond template programming as it is a unique program that no one else will receive except for you! This plan is only available for both local and remote athletes. 

Does not include video analysis.