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I'm Not Getting Sore Anymore -- am I Working Hard Enough?

DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, is not an indication of how hard you work in a training session! You will likely experience DOMS when performing a new exercise, if you are in a calorie deficit, or if your stress levels are high and negatively impacting your recovery. As your body adapts to the demands of your new routine, you will likely experience less overall soreness – this is a GOOD thing because it means you are recovering well!

If you are experiencing severe DOMS, active recovery (walking is great!), stretching (or yoga!), and heat therapy (a hot bath!) can all help to alleviate symptoms.

About Muscle + Mindset

Muscle and Mindset is a barbell gym located in the Sante Fe Art District of Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to share the transformative benefits of strength training with people of all experience levels by cultivating a welcoming community supported by affordable expert coaching. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a strength training novice, you'll find the support you need at Muscle + Mindset.

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