We believe in strength for everyone.


Amanda and Josh’s early fitness journeys are tales as old as time; Amanda spending hours on a cardio machine in an effort to lose weight and Josh spending hours in the weight room in an effort to gain muscle. Neither obtained the results they were seeking.

When they met in 2016, Josh had been Olympic Weightlifting for about three months and had already begun to discover the transformative benefits of lifting heavy. He introduced Amanda to barbell training and she fell head over heels  – after a lifetime of body dysmorphia and disordered eating, shifting her focus to building strength rather than shrinking herself to meet a societal standard was a freeing mindset shift.

When the pandemic presented an opportunity to launch something new, Amanda and Josh began discussing the possibility of opening a strength training facility that would introduce people to a more efficient path to their health and fitness goals. Since strength gyms can be intimidating for beginners, they aimed to create a space in which people feel safe to ask questions and practice their skills under the supervision of expert coaches.

On January 2nd, 2021 Muscle + Mindset opened its doors to fulfill this vision.


We believe safe technique and structured, research-based programming are necessary to deliver the best and fastest results to our members. We have open coaching hours when a floor coach is available to work with you on your selected program (no reservation currently required - see hours below). Coaching support is available for exercise instruction, form & technique refinement, general health & fitness guidance, and safety supervision.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all coaching approach; every human body has unique biomechanics and our coaches strive to help each member refine lifting form in a way that optimizes physics and maintains pain-free and injury-free movement. Our staff will always ensure your safety, which may mean making some modifications to your selected strength program for the sake of your long-term success.