Coach "AP"

Founder, owner, and coach Amanda Pearo originally hails from Long Island, New York and has resided in Denver, CO since 2014. She co-owns Muscle + Mindset with her business and life partner, Joshua Erney.

Amanda is an anatomy nerd and strength science research junkie. Her coaching process begins with "functional first" mobility and biomechanics to achieve an optimal and balanced start to more specified strength sport training. Coach AP uses corrective exercise and mobility work to target imbalances and weaknesses within each unique anatomy.


Amanda worked in public education teaching music to all levels of learners for ten years before transitioning to her career in strength coaching. As a skilled teacher who is trained in many modalities of cognitive and physical development, she knows how to communicate complex concepts and scientific principles to make them digestible for all levels of experience. Her goal for each client is to cultivate the confidence to walk into any strength gym and take up space free from intimidation. 

To say Amanda's discovery of strength training was "love at first lift" is an understatement -- Amanda was head over heels after day 1. Coach AP quickly fell in love with not only the physical benefits of strength training but also with the character traits that developed through it: confidence, grit, and determination being just a few. Amanda aims to share these amazing benefits with others who are ready to take charge of their lives, especially with regard to increasing female and non-binary representation in strength training and strength sports. Amanda is a powerlifter who proudly competes through USA Powerlifting.

Working with Amanda, you can expect an open line of communication for client/coach feedback, a research-driven and functional-first approach to your workout programming, and the support of a welcoming gym community.