Lost on what to do each time you visit the gym or "just winging" your workouts? Our intentionally-designed programs utilize research-based scientific principles to increase strength and improve skills over time. 


Our strength programs are structured workout routines that dictate exactly what exercises to perform, how many reps/sets to do, how long of a rest interval to take between sets, the order in which to perform each exercise, and the appropriate weight to use to help you advance toward your goals with every visit. A coach is available during open coaching hours to assist you in learning and executing these workouts with safe and efficient technique.

OUR METHOD PROGRAMS ARE NOT TIED TO SPECIFIC HOURS OR CLASS INSTRUCTION! You are welcome to drop in anytime to complete your programmed workouts. If you require instructional support to learn the exercises listed in your program, attend our open coaching hours and a staff coach will be available to assist you.

*All M+M Method programs include open coaching support