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At Muscle + Mindset, we don't believe in encouraging an "intimidating" atmosphere or supporting "ego-lifting." We support spreading the benefits of strength training and strength sports to all individuals of all experience levels; from first-time lifters to veteran athletes. Our focus cultivates a balanced state of wellness resulting in confident, strong, healthy clients who understand what it takes to step into their full power. Whether you have never worked out before or are simply ready to refine your form and optimize your strength, Muscle + Mindset will help you achieve your goal to live a stronger life both in and out of the gym.

What is a "function first" coaching approach?

Our ultimate goal is for every member to feel good, move well, and remain free from pain & injury. We do this by adopting a "function first" approach to movement and exercise -- if we observe a hiccup or anomaly in member's natural movement patterns, we take the time to develop and correct this before increasing the intensity of the program. We are not a "class-centric" gym so you can take your time completing your selected program and work with a coach to individualize our strength programs to your body's unique needs.

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