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Denver's Premier
Private Barbell Club

Our Approach

We understand getting serious about barbell training can be an intimidating endeavor. You know structure is important for your overall success but figuring out how to organize your training, fit it into your lifestyle, and do it in a safe and sustainable manner can be challenging. At Muscle + Mindset, our mission is to share the transformative benefits of barbell training with all experience levels by cultivating a welcoming community supported by high-quality coaching. Whether you're an advanced powerlifter or weightlifter or have never touched a barbell, you'll find the expert coaching support & services you need at Muscle + Mindset.


Renée VanVleet

M+M Powerlifting Team

“The atmosphere is great, friendly, and the coaching is top notch. The gym is clean and they have all the equipment you need to train. Amanda and Josh run a fantastic establishment. I'd recommend this gym to anyone!"

Jake Cohen
M+M Powerlifting Team

"The coaching is excellent. The community is wonderful; gym members come with all levels of previous lifting experience, which makes for a welcoming gym environment for all! 10/10 recommend if you are at all interested in strength sports, or just want to put on a little muscle to fight off gravity!"

Grace Chin
M+M Olympic Weightlifting Team

“Weight training always intimidated me before. Coach Amanda is so knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. She listens to my concerns and limitations while pushing me to grow. M+M is a safe, non-judgmental, inclusive weightlifting gym that values each individual.”


Muscle + Mindset offers membership options tailored to all experience levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced barbell sport athlete, we offer comprehensive coaching support, training programming, and nutrition counseling tailored to meet your strength goals. Click the button below to find the perfect membership for you!

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Our Coaches

Amanda Pearo
Head Coach
Powerlifting Program

Amanda Pearo is a barbell performance coach who has competed in powerlifting sport for 6+ years. While she started lifting as a means of coping with her lifelong struggles with disordered eating, she quickly recognized the ways in which the barbell enriched her life, both in and out of the gym, and opted to leave her career as a music educator to chart a new path toward helping others discover the pivotal impact of the barbell.


Amanda's approach to coaching is holistic and focused on the comprehensive context of the athlete. Her background in education provides a vast toolkit of skills and strategies to support each athlete’s unique journey and progress them toward their goals.

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Ryan Belsito
Head Coach
Weightlifting Program

Ryan Belsito grew up in Massachusetts where he spent his childhood playing a variety of sports. He began training in the weight room in high school and, after graduation, was planning to become an English teacher. He was asked to develop a local sports performance program when he was in college -- and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ryan has over a decade of valuable experience coaching weightlifting athletes of all backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience. He hopes to positively impact and grow the sporting culture by creating more opportunities for exposure and participation in the sport of weightlifting. He maintains high expectations for every athlete, supporting a community of excellence that stands out on the platform.

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Rachael Johnson
Assistant Coach

Powerlifting Program

Rachael “Coach Ranch” Johnson is a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in powerlifting sport. She competes in both the USAPL and the WRPF. She has competed in numerous meets, including USAPL Raw Nationals and two supertotal competitions. 

Rachael has helped numerous beginner lifters start their strength journey, become proficient lifters and gain confidence in and outside of the gym. Working with Rachael, you can expect to be pushed physically and mentally, learn attention to pay attention to detail, and most of all to remember to have fun lifting weights.

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Megan Anguiano
Assistant Coach
Weightlifting Program

Megan is the newest addition to the M+M coaching team and her biography is currently under construction. Learn more about her by clicking on her Instagram below.

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Nutrition Support

Annie Averill

Annie is a Registered Dietitian who earned her Masters of Science in Nutrition from Arizona State University. She has over a decade of industry experience in healthcare and has worked with all ages of clientele. She is passionate about helping clients find balance in their lifestyle by digging deep into the root causes and addressing their fueling habits. Annie is currently working towards becoming a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

When she's not supporting M+M members you can find Annie training, snowboarding, or spending dog mom time with her goldendoodle, Finn. 

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Dietitian On Demand

Dietitian On Demand is a monthly event at M+M. Annie is available on the gym floor for general nutrition Q&A with all members. These events are perfect for individuals who need a little guidance and accountability with their nutrition habits. Get Annie's opinion on the keto diet, ask for help adjusting your macros, or find out if your fueling habits are optimal for your current activity levels and goals.

Healthy Food
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